Spring Promotion Package

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Mar 102020

Swing in to Spring!!!

with Q 102, WSQL am, and wsqlradio.com

Advertise on all THREE mediums for ONE low price !

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Your Way Home

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Feb 282020

New program on WSQL!!!


‘Your Way Home’ is a new feature on WSQL which will air on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month at 2:15pm  during mid-day Brevard. The program features Eddie Sprouse, a licensed mortgage originator at Landing Path, who will host a 15 minute program on real estate/mortgage topics.

To learn more, click the icon ‘Your Way Home’ to visit the facebook site:                    

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In case you missed it…

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Feb 032020

We had a great turn out on Sunday, February 2nd for Brevard’s annual White Squirrel Day event at Mayberry’s! Thank you for everyone who turned out. We may have to find larger space for next year’s event. As for Pisgah Pete’s predictions, he may have gotten the winner of this year’s Super Bowl wrong, but there’s still time to see if he’s right about there being 6 more weeks of winter! Meanwhile, here’s the proclamation read by the mayor (and on display here at WSQL) which declares February 2nd to be forever known as White Squirrel Day:





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Country Legends

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Mar 042019

Tune in every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 for Garry Paddick’s show, “Country Legends.”

As a connoisseur of country, Garry adds colorful stories to the program. You’ll surely enjoy it!

Use TuneIn for your Phone!

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Jan 302019

Some folks are not being successful” Listening Live” to WSQL on phones.cellPhone

This free app will fix that!  Google TuneIn Radio on your phone, and install it. It’s from www.tunein.com  Icon is Teal on black.  TuneIn:  NFL Radio, Music, Sports & Podcasts.  Just X out the premium offer if you don’t want it.  Ads will appear as you listen.  Hit search magnifying glass and type in WSQL

Swing Time!

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Nov 132018

 Swing Time

If you like big-band music and mainstream jazz, check out Swing Time on WSQL radio (102 FM, 1240 AM or wsqlradio.com). Jim Grodnik will be hosting this show every Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon.

Apr 082017

History MuseumHi….want to say love the programming you offer! The music is awesome! Always appreciate the local information you give us about our area! In addition—thanks for including the WNCMilitaryHistoryMuseum and my husband’s opportunity to tell others about it! We are lucky to have you in Brevard! Toni Casciato