Missed the Candidates Forum?

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Sep 242018

Couldn’t make it to the Library last Thursday? No worries, just click here to see a video recording of the forum. Be Informed! Listen and watch the candidates field questions to which you need the answers before voting!!

This event was sponsored by the Brevard Transylvania Chamber of Commerce.


Listen AND WATCH BHS football!!

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Sep 062018

It’s hBHS_football_fieldere! Our debut of providing you with a link to the LIVE VIDEO STREAM of Brevard High School’s Friday night game!

Our broadcasts begin at 7 PM

Additional Home Games are:  Sept. 21

Oct. 12 & 26,    Nov. 2

Oct 092017




  • Premise:  Our goal is to have fun and share stories about having a big time in a small town.  We’ll often feature an interesting guest to learn more about their unique experiences and occasionally have friends pop-in for a quick update on something new and exciting that’s going on in their world.
  • Hosts:  Clark Lovelace & Eric Janoski
  • Location/Time:  The show takes place at 1pm each Thursday at the WSQL radio station at 62 West Main St in downtown Brevard
  • How to Listen: 
  • Sponsor:  We’re proud to be sponsored by Egolf Brevard, who does so to shine the light on various local charities.  Currently, they’re featuring The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County.
  • Facebook:  Learn more, give us your thoughts, and like us at “Big Time Small Town with Clark & Eric”
Apr 082017

History MuseumHi….want to say love the programming you offer! The music is awesome! Always appreciate the local information you give us about our area! In addition—thanks for including the WNCMilitaryHistoryMuseum and my husband’s opportunity to tell others about it! We are lucky to have you in Brevard! Toni Casciato

Oct 272015

Casey_KasemHe’s been heard across the world and now across our home area! It’s Casey Kasem and his America’s Top 40!!   Thursdays 7pm – 10pm and Saturdays 6pm – 9pm with the Seventies!   Yes, Casey is gone but his legendary musical programs live on!