Oct 132014


   Pumpkin Treats Contest
Halloween is coming and WSQL is preparing for Trick or Treat!

Can your pumpkin treat recipe be the trick for winning dinner for two or another unique prize???

pumpkinGoodiesSubmit your pumpkin: pie, cake, brownies, muffins, soufflé, soup, casserole, whatever – for the Treats Contest!
Just drop off samples of your sensational treat to WSQL radio station at 62 W. Main Street, along with the recipe, your name, and contact info.
We will savor each submission thoughtfully and will award the winner Dinner at Square Root for Two,SquareRootLogo Second Prize is a Gorgeous pair of white squirrel earrings from Campbell Creations

pumpkinChiliPut your Pumpkin IN!! Hopefully YOUR treat will do the Trick!!

Thank you for being a WSQL listener! We are here for YOU!

Winner will be announced Friday morning, Oct. 31, 2014squirrelEarrings

 Contest Rules

Sep 242014

RemoteBroadcastingHaving an Event?

Want to bring that extra je n’ais c’est pas into it? Then just have WSQL do a Remote Broadcast from your location. Great way to increase exposure and generate a little excitement.  This picture is from a Remote done during the Cystic  Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides event at the Rec. Dept.

Call the Studio, 828-877-5252 for details and prices. Do it before the cold sets in!!

Aug 272014
Brevard’s new field!

It’s still not too late to get in on High School Football and Brevard College Football starting September 6th along with UNC…all teams could use more sponsors!

Support your local school’s athletic programs; listen to them on the air or streaming at WSQL.

Brevard High Blue Devils, Rosman High Tigers, Brevard College Tornados and UNC Tar Heels!

Call WSQL studio at 828-877-5252 to see how you can help!


WSQL Sports Director Rick James brings you up to date with all of the latest local sports each day Monday thru Friday at 8:35 a.m. and 12:15pm during our noon report.  PLUS, tune in on Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 for COACHES CORNER live from Dugan’s Pub. Rick will interview the college coaches so you can get first hand insights!

Aug 162014

footballHigh School Football Fans!

The commentators for Brevard High School are the Mighty Trio of Tim Trantham, Charlie Owenby and Bill Sack.   For the Rosman Tigers, you will hear none other than Mike “The Bucket” Maybin.

Just contact us at the studio, 877-5252, if you want to be a football sponsor!

Click on our Sports tab for even more info!

We Have a Winner!

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Aug 152014

JalopyNewlyPaintedWe have a Winner for our “Name the Car” Contest! 

Our listeners are a very creative lot – thanks to all the entries.

The Winner Is:  Garry Paddick of Brevard

The Name Is:  THE ROCK-IT

Garry wins a dinner for two at THE SQUARE ROOT and a fabulous car wash from none other than THE WHITE SQUIRREL CAR WASH.  We thank our generous sponsors, too. Honk when you see us!

Jun 152014

KiwiLogo2010Country Legends, one of our specialty musical programs, is now brought to you by Kiwi Gelato!


Garry Paddick

Listen to Garry Paddick on Tuesdays, from 8 – 10pm.

Do you think Kiwi Gelato thinks “country” means New Zealand?? Why not?!

Next time you get a delicious, refreshing gelato from Kiwi Gelato on 67 E. Main Street, thank them for their support of your local radio station! G’day Mate!

If they make a batch of chocolate chili, go for it!!